Anthony Galla-Rini

Vince Geraci

Al Monti

Art Van Damme

Leon Sash

Frank Marocco

Manny Quartucci

Dick Contino

Mario Moschino

Rina Rosa

Andy Rizzo

Mort Herold

Honorary Members


Lindy Kao  1988-1992

John Simkus  1993-1998

Ernie Sandquist  1999-2000

John Simkus  2001-2004

Lenny Leto  2005-2014

Joe Pekarek  2015-

The Chicago Accordion Club originated in 1988, with formal Articles of Organization being adopted on July 24, 1989. The Club was incorporated as a 501(C) under the "General Not-For-Profit act" of the State of Illinois on July 18, 1990. It was re-incorporated as an Illinois "Not-For-Profit" on February 4, 2009.

The purpose of the non-profit Club has always been to stimulate a positive attitude towards the performance of music on the accordion by strengthening relationships with fellow musicians, expanding knowledge of the accordion and accordion playing, and developing a publicity program to acquaint the general public with the educational and entertainment values of the accordion.