Chicago Accordion Club

Lindy Kao  1988-1992

John Simkus  1993-1998

Ernie Sandquist  1999-2000

John Simkus  2001-2004

Lenny Leto  2005-2014

Joe Pekarek  2015-

Past Presidents

Anthony Galla-Rini

Vince Geraci

Al Monti

Art Van Damme

Leon Sash

Frank Marocco

Manny Quartucci

Dick Contino

Mario Moschino

Rina Rosa

Andy Rizzo

Mort Herold

Honorary Members

The Chicago Accordion Club originated in 1988, with formal Articles of Organization being adopted on July 24, 1989. The Club was incorporated as a 501(C) under the "General Not-For-Profit act" of the State of Illinois on July 18, 1990. It was re-incorporated as an Illinois "Not-For-Profit" on February 4, 2009.

The purpose of the non-profit Club has always been to stimulate a positive attitude towards the performance of music on the accordion by strengthening relationships with fellow musicians, expanding knowledge of the accordion and accordion playing, and developing a publicity program to acquaint the general public with the educational and entertainment values of the accordion.